Why We Are Here

Well, actually, I have no clue about how to answer that existential question. All I can say is, the old blog is no more, except as historical reference. Now we look forward to a new life in the Land of Enchantment. I’m ready; hope you are too. Come along for the ride.

13 thoughts on “Why We Are Here

  1. I lived in Santa Fe for six months and fell in love… getting back to live there has been quite the struggle. Seems it is not time to leave Kansas yet… It is true it is like going home when I get close to Santa Fe. I know it is a special place and the Church called Higher Ground was awsome too… I loved being in the shops downtown and the drive on Route 66 is amazing. I would love to be a resident and My dream is to live there someday… For everything there is a time……

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